Tabasco – spicy food can make you happy

By the way, Tabasco … if you like spicy foods, now comes the bad news: Cute has no taste at all. Foods cause you only a painful reaction in the body that causes our brain to trigger endophynia, which simply makes us happy!

Sometimes I start to understand the marathon runners … if you started to produce adrenaline but especially dopamine as if you do not stop to stop … you want more and more … in such a situation I find myself after about a week of adventures through Central America … and our marathon would continue.

This time our marathon went further to Mexico through the Chiapas and Tabasco regions. And to understand even better the state of ecstasy I was – when I found out that a new street was built that leads directly to Palenque and that we no longer have to cross the river over the Usumacinta river which makes the natural border between the two countries, because this route was too dangerous for tourists to be the drug route, I was disappointed. What do you mean ? is it going straight? Where is the excitement? I ask myself frustrated while the ticket vendor did not know what to believe. Is not there still the possibility of going on the old route? On this route is also the Yaxchilán Archaeological Area (another Maya city) that we thought we would visit in the passage. But none of the local tourism agencies wanted to make the old route anymore … so we accepted and registered for 2 places the next morning at 8 o’clock. If everything goes well we will be in Palenque at 2 o’clock noon. In the countries it is always good to compare the agents to find the best price – so we took half-price tickets for the same places on the bus.

The bus comes to take you directly from the hotel and makes a tour around the city to gather everyone up to the long road. This time we are only 5, the two of us, a pair of Italian speakers (from Italy and Argentina) and a Japanese. I’m trying to make a little conversation on the Italian (both of them do not speak English at all) and then take on the interest of the Japanese who has so much to talk about. A man in the mid-50s who has been traveling for over 20 years (almost uninterrupted) and has managed to visit nearly 200 countries (that is, with a few exceptions, almost the entire planet). Of course I am curious if it was in Romania to find out that Romania is on its top 10 list of the most pleasing countries of the people (see here


At the border with Mexico, we went down from the bus to be controlled, this time very detailed – they removed even the dirty clothes from their suitcase. The Italians have to hand over a bag of hot dry peppers (no vegetables, fruits or seeds are allowed to pass across the border) and I have to eat the grapes I have packed for the road in a hurry (with the help of customs officers who do not they were embarrassed to drown out of my bag). After passing the “per pedes” border another bus is waiting on the other side this time more modern and bigger. The Mexican driver is extremely talking (unfortunately in a Spanish for me very difficult to understand) and explains the situation with the Americans and the spicy sauce of Tabasco … because as you sensed we were in the Tabasco region. He was very upset by the Americans that he was fooling their names and that the sauces produced here in this region are not allowed to call themselves so and that Tabasco now known worldwide originates from Louisiana (a region and the south of the USA) and is neither even prepared from the fresh peppers in this area.Mexico-tabasco

The landscape is hilly but unspoiled and on green meadows quietly grazing cows and oxen. Along the street, a high-fence wire fence and every now and then a wrought-iron gate on which a family name alongside the word “Ranch” – the region of the huge cattle breeders and the true Mexican cowboys.

Palenque is a small town – probably born only from the fact that in the immediate vicinity there is the archaeological area with the Mayas ruins. For the first night we booked a hotel located directly in the center of the city, moving on the next day in the immediate vicinity of the ruins.
The driver takes us here directly to the hotel and when we take the keys at the reception and we want to climb up the room, a leguan of about 80 centimeters crosses the road. I had seen such animals in other regions of the world, but so “friendly” they are not anywhere in Mexico. I might even say that here are some kind of animals in the house and that they wait for a dog or a cat near the table to have some food for them too. The restaurant was full of them and no one bothered about it.legumes in Mexico

It took me a moment to have the courage to pass him by  ( some of them are really naughty following you up to the room). In the evening I went out to eat in the city – though it was unpleasant to sit in the hotel restaurant always with the theme that one of them might confuse my toes with some bones of chickens …

And I did well … in the cities of central Mexico there is no one sitting in fromt of TV in the evening  …Zocalo

as the sun sets the central square (here called Zocalo) is filled with people and children eager to have fun – music, dance, even a group of clowns, colorful balloons, cotton wool and an atmosphere as of my childhood when people still knew how to be happy. I ate, I listened to the music and I danced and danced until late at night …

palenque dance

The next day we planned a trip to the Misol-Ha waterfall and Agua Azul.

Cascada Misol Ha

I only tell you: take your bathing suits and immerse yourself in the azure waters .. but until you get there, I invite you to clear your eyes in the pictures added here …Agua Azul Mexico

Cascada Agua Azul Mexico

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