Ischia, Capri or Procida

Ischia, Capri or Procida. Which one is more beautiful?

Among the islands of the Gulf of Naples, among the most beautiful and certainly the most famous of the Mediterranean, stands the Isle of Mermaids, the name by which the ancient people used to call Ischia, an island that over time has conquered travelers from every part of the world.

Ischia Castello Aragonese di sera
Ischia Castello Aragonese di sera

Probably the most beautiful and iconic location on the Island is the “Castello Aragonese di sera”  more precisely in Ischia Ponte. This scenery can be seen several times in “The Talented Mr. Ripley” and is part of the fictional town of Mongibello, from which Dicky Greenleaf does not want to return to the USA. So it will happen to you as soon as you will arrive here. The beauties of its beaches,  coves and coasts, such as the Maronti beach, the Cartaromana beach, the bay of Sant’Anna and San Montano, or the large beaches of St. Francis, of Cava dell’Isola and of Citara, also used for therapeutic purposes will fascinate you..

Evening on the streets from Ischia

But there is another gem of the Gulf of Naples, an international island, flattered, dreamed, wished, courted named Capri, queen of worldliness, with its tall and jagged shores and a wonderful view over the most spectacular gulf of Italy.

Faraglioni rock formations

Just sit down in the evening on one of the benches near the market square and admire the unique sunset.

Sunset at Capri Island – unique and spectacular

But only another 2 hours away by boat we have found the most beautiful island in Italy. There is no doubt. Procida has been a movie set too. But how can it not be like that? This scenery it have to be presented to the whole world.

Procida Island – the most beautiful, isn´t it ?

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