Taba – how to get there from Ovda Israel

If you have booked a cheap flight with Ryanair to Ovda Israel, to spend some beautiful days in the sun at the Red Sea, you can enjoy a low-priced luxury vacation by going by bus and by foot to Taba in Egypt. The Mövenpick Hotel in Taba is only a few steps away from the border so you can even walk there. And is going even better – If you only stay in this Hotel you do not have to pay any exit fees ( normaly cost 100 shekels to leave Israel ).

Bus 282 will take you directly from the airport (without stopover, obout 40 min.) for 25 shekel (about 6 euros) to the central bus station ( you can pay by Credit Card or change money in the Airport – is no ATM there ).
At the Central Station you have to change the bus ( ask for Taba border bus. No. 15 ) and for 4 more shekel ( less then 1 euro ) you´ll arrive at the border to Egypt in 10 minutes.
If you have a reservation confirmation from Mövenpick Hotel you will not pay the Exit fee ( but you are not aloud to go further in the south ) and just the same you don´t need to pay an entry visa for Egypt ( normally 25 $ ).

The Mövenpick Hotel has the best private beach in this region, a nice snorkelling spot directly by the beach and 3 swimmingpools ( one inside pool with warm water).

So for less than 100 euros you can spend a very relaxing weekend here. And if you have concerns about security, because it is Egypt, I can reassure you. This region is the safest in the whole Country.

Our recommendation: Do not go to the former Hilton hotel (now Taba Hotel and Nelson’s Village) as they have not been renovated for 28 years! Mövenpick Hotel is the best choice in Taba.

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