Maldives – Back to nature

Let me tell you about a wonderful experience we had on Kuredu Island Maldives,  an island just about 1.5 km long and 300 m wide in the middle of the Indian Ocean, where we met new best friends: Charlie, Johnny and Betty.

Are we alone on an island in the middle of the ocean, or do we get some new friends ?

Considering that we were tired, after an overnight flight from Germany to the Maldives , during which we could not close an eye, but especially after the emotions we had with the propeller plane, we went to sleep on the first day very early .

Propeller plane on which we flew to the maldives

And right the next morning, I think it was about 5 or 6 o’clock (before the sun rose) I met Charlie.

We woke us up from weird shouts coming straight out of our room. First time I did not know what it was. Do we have a bird in the room somewhere hidden? But no, it was not a bird – after a few minutes I discovered it! It was Charlie, as we called him.

Let me introduce you… Charlie

gecko (lizzard) about 5 centimeters long produced some very strange whispering sounds from the neck. I frightened a little and opened the door to the shore to let him out, but he  did not want to go, it was the animal of the house, cocked up on the wall, ready to take his breakfast in the form of a fly or a mosquito that got lost in our room .

After that we found out that it is better if we let him cope with us, so he will guard us against the unpleasant insects on this island.

Now that I was awake, I thought I could take a shower quickly, but the water coming out of the tap was cold! The sun had not risen yet and the water, I find out later, was warmed by the sun. Well, what to do?  a shower of cold water will wake me up for sure … The rain water is pleasant, soft, chlorine-free and makes the skin velvety and glossy.

I went back twice to the cottage to bring my sandals back and then take them with me onece more and then to abandon them in a corner, definitively for the next 2 weeks. This Island is a barefoot island. Over the whole island of Kuredu is spread a fine sand like flour even in the dining room where we took breakfast.

Dinning room with sand on the floor

Exotic fruits – very tasty: pineapple, papaya, mango, and maracuja or the passion fruit as it is called in English. All probably picked from nearby trees.

And now up in the water! put on my bathing suit and cream my skin with sunbloker (50+) so – I do not want to burn me on the first day!

The entrance into the water is smooth, you barely feel the wawes and so I lay on the surface of the water without thinking of anything…not realizing that Johnny was already awake, and took his rounds in the water near the shore. First I saw the specific crest emerging from the water – just about 2 m away. Looks like one from a…shark! Yes ! Johnny was a shark!

Let me introduce you…Johnny. True, only a half-meter long , gentle and used to people 

But me, screaming (for the second time this day – and this time I do not think the shower of cold water would have helped me anymore) run out from the water… I’m done with swimming , I do not go back ! But two weeks at sea without putting my foot in the water! Did i want that ? But as I’ve already said, Johnny became our friend too…and besides him there were a lot of fish colored in all colors (compared to Egypt – only that here they have enormous size ) What is missing here are the coral reefs (most of them were destroyed a few years ago because the temperature of the water rose to a great extent.) But the specific animal on this island is the turtle water that deposits eggs on this island.

Me snorkeling into the blue water

You just had to step in the water and see them “graze” the algae from the bottom of the water. As we were there we saw two nests of eggs . I would have liked to see the Little baby turtles digging themselves from the sand, coming out and heading for the sea – but unfortunately they come to the surface when the moon is full and it lasted another 2 weeks after we left.

We need about 25 minutes to cross the island from one corner to another. The island is divided into 3 zones – the area of ​​water villas where I believe that only the honeymoon pairs stayed, the bungalow area on the beach where we were accommodated and here were pairs of all ages and the new area in the east part, where a spa was opened and where was the golf course. When we arrived, we got a gift for the golf course and a 15-minute massage in the spa. The massage was excellent and I was happy to come back every day.

Kuredu Spa

From 6 to 7 pm there was a “happy hour” bar where you got 2 cocktails at the price of one. So you know where you find me between 6 and 7 in the evening. After a few days we also found our favorite bar where you could watch the sunset while the dolphins were soaking through the water in front of you! Not joking!

my favorite place

We hit the golfcourse first time at night. At day we had over 35 degrees and the sun was too hot to play.

Playing golf at night

And so we met Betty. No, Betty was not the cute little bunny with the white hood that had its home in the middle of the golf course – no, Betty was a bat. But not a small one as we know him in Europe – it was a bat who, when he unfolded his wings and flew over you, gave you the impression that you were in Jurasic Park.

No picture of Betty …sorry, it was to dark…

And so the 15 days passed very quickly, 15 days between water, beach, sun, golf, tennis,  spa and the three new friends that we had found here without boring us for a moment … I hope I did not bore you now with my story …

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