Mauritius Belle Mare

Belle Mare – Mauritius the perfect honeymoon destination 

Ambre Hotel – the last of the 5 different Hotels we stayed in Mauritius is situated as the name of the beach already says” Belle Mare ” on the most beautiful beach in Mauritius.

Beach in front of the hotel Ambre

We booked a standard sea view room and we received one in close proximity to the wellness area with sauna, steam bath and free jacuzzi.

Large room with large matrimonial bed, top mattress and pillows. Only in the bathroom the shower was half closed with the glass door and if you were not careful enough you could flood the entire bathroom. We had a large balcony but I saw that other rooms – especially those with garden view had very small balconies or those on the ground floor just a small terrace so I recommend you book only rooms with sea view.

Very beautiful beach area with several swimming pools and a so-called “infinity pool” where if you look at the long pool in the lounge, it seems to you that the water of the pool combines with the water of the Indian Ocean.

The beach Belle mare

The hotel offers plenty of fun and sporting opportunities: from catamarans, pedal boats to Glasbottomboat that regularly rides up to the wonderful coral reef.

The food in the hotel is very diverse and good. Both at the buffet and in the La Plage beach restaurant, where you can dine in the candle light (we were lucky to have the full moon) with bare feet in the sand. And if you only have half board, you can choose from a la carte menu different dishes (including several appetizers and main dishes) as much as you want. Beverages cost extra, but compared to other hotels, the prices of the Ambre Hotel were acceptable.

and now the surprise … Ile Aux Cerf the pride of Mauritius is in the immediate vicinity and a shuttle bus takes you there every half hour starting from 9: 00 until 18:00 . Ile aux Cerf is also the most beautiful golf course in the world, which is for the guests of Hotel Ambre almost free of charge (you only have to pay for renting the golf crew).

Golfcourse on the Ile aux cerf island

Mauritius is a popular destination for the honeymooner and so I expect to see everyday a couple of happy young people just waiting to become a husband and wife.

I had visited several hotels and each hotel had prepared a pavilion for such occasions. This is where the weddings are held they always mention it … but no – today we have none unfortunately … you may have luck on another day.

And when it was about giving up the idea of photographing a wedding – almost the last day when I stood idle on the beach almost asleep, letting my thoughts pass through trying to sort out the beautiful moments I had had in the last 3 weeks since I was here, I see that something special is happening right next to me on the beach.

Some waiters brought a table covered in white that they now decorated with red petals – and others struggled to fix some chairs with thin legs in the fine sand of the beach.

” there will be a wedding in a few minutes !” I hear him saying…my wish became reality

What can be more romantic than a wedding right on the seashore

Are you interested in spending your honeymoon on the Island of Mauritius ? Just contact us for more Information !

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