Caminito del Rey

Walking the King’s trail in Andalucia

Gaitanes gorge, on its abysm the turquoise waters of the Guadalhorce river glistens, is breathtaking. The eroded shapes in the rock are phenomenal. The water has found its way through the rocks. Now it’s your turn.

Caminito del Rey river

Deep chasm. A narrow path at a dizzying height. A balancing act on steel and wooden beams.

Walk along the precipice

The Caminito del Rey, then known as one of the most dangerous routes in the world, has been reopened to the public since March 2015 following extensive renovations. Now you do not have to worry about your safety anymore.

the old path is still partially visible
the old path is still partially visible

In the beginning, your knees are still a bit shaky. But as your gaze is overwhelmed by the beauty of the rocks you forget all your fears and get magical powers that make you feel as light as a bird.

Pami walking the caminito del rey

The trail is 7.7 km long and takes about 3 to 4 hours with breaks (just to enjoy it). And you will end up just like me saying : What, is it already over?

I wished I could have turned around and walked all the way back.

Caminito del rey
At the end I wished I can turn back and do the trail again

 Where is the Caminito del Rey?

The Caminito del Rey is located between the towns of Ardales and El Chorro in the province of Málaga in southern Spain, more precisely Andalusia. Málaga is around 60km away, Ronda around 65km away.

You have to go through this tunnel – bring a flashlight with you

How can I arrive at Caminito del Rey?

The easiest way is by car. Take the way to Ardales, and follow the sign that leads along the Guadalhorce lake. Go directly to the north entrance where you can park your car.

What should I pay attention to before visiting the Caminito del Rey?

An appointment for a fixed day and a fixed time is a must for a visit. Tickets must be bought in advance (they are not sold on the spot!)

In bad weather or strong wind access to the path can be temporarily denied.

Children under 8 years and animals are not allowed.

The Caminito del Rey has a total length of 7.7 km and is as a destination trail (no circular walk) accessible.

Map of Caminito del Rey
Map of Caminito del rey

The access to the path always takes place in Ardales and leads to El Chorro. It is not possible to go in the opposite direction, from El Chorro to Ardales.

For your security and also as sun protection everyone gets a helmet.


Bring water and a small snack with you and put your hiking shoes on. Enjoy !

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