About Pami

PaMi are we…Patrick & Mirela  – a mix of American, German, Irish, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish and Russian ancestors and maybe that’s why we love traveling so much

We live in Germany at the moment but you will hardly meet us there…because as soon as we see a possibility to explore the world we are on the way. If you want to follow us you can do it on instagram or facebook but also you can read our blog reviews here – because this is our goal – to provide helpful tips and firs hand experiences for other travel enthusiasts. 

That we focus on couple traveling and choose almost boutique Hotels, exotic destinations and luxury spots is choice driven by personal interest and our love for exclusivity in life.

We have to disappoint you if you are looking for cheap accommodation or backpacking routes.

We are aimed primarily at boutique luxury enthusiasts and discerning couple travelers looking for tailor-made luxury experiences ! You are right here if you share the same preferences with us. Let us be…your exclusiv-travel companion ! 

We are open to invitations on press trips, product, services and destination reviews, and we are 
looking forward to forming mutually beneficial partnerships with companies associated with 
Travel & Lifestyle wanting to reach out to our audience.

Do you want to know, however, which are the countries that we have visited so far, to ask for travel tips and ideas?

1.Austria, 2.Belgium, 3.Belize, 4.Bosnia and Herzegovina, 5.Bulgaria, 6.Cambodia, 7.Canada, 8.Czech Republic, 9.Cyprus, 10.Croatia, 11.Danmark, 12.Egypt, 13.United Arab Emirates, 14.Estonia, 15. Finnland, 16.France, 17.Gambia, 18.Germany, 19.Gibraltar, 20.Greece, 21.Guatemala, 22. Hungary, 23.Honduras, 24.Iceand, 25.India, 26.Indonesia, 27.Ireland, 28.Israel, 29.Italy, 30.Jamaica, 31.Jordan, 32.Kenya, 33.Liechtenstein, 34.Luxembourg, 35.Macedonia, 36.Malaysia, 37. Maldives, 38. Malta, 39.Mauritius, 40.Marocco, 41.Mexico, 42.Monaco, 43. Netherlands, 44.Oman, 45.Poland, 46.Portugal, 47.United Kingdom, 48. Dominican Republic, 49. Republic of Moldova, 50.Romania, 51.San Marino, 52.Senegal, 53.Seychelles, 54.Singapore, 55.Slovakia, 56.Slovenia, 57.Spain, 58. Switzerland 59.United States of America, 60.Thailand, 61.Tunisia , 62.Turkye, 63.Ukraine, 64.Vatican City, 65.Vietnam