Beach blanket

Are you planning a beach holiday in the sun in the near future? Have you already made your luggage? Thought about packing your swimsuit and sunscreen? Are you looking forward to a relaxing day on the beach? Do you dream of pristine and unspoiled beaches? and that your dream becomes reality, do not forget to take your own beach blanket with you, otherwise the sand between your buttocks will turn the dream to a nightmare…


In these countries you absolutely need your own beach blanket:

1. Seychelles

Anse source d'argentSeychelles has the most beautiful beaches in the world. That is fact. And most are still completely unspoiled. Not a beach chair steals its beauty, only you the sea, sand and your beach blanket … what a wonderful world!

2. Thailand

Thailand KrabiThailand – the land of smiles – so, keep your smile by avoiding covering yourself completely with sand. Most beaches are with powdery sand that likes to stick to your skin like flour. Did you know that our blanket is sand-repellent?

3. Mauritius

The luxury island has beautiful private beaches, so your hotel could seduce you with loungers right to the water. But if you also want to explore other parts of the island (which we highly recommend – especially the Ile aux Cerf), just take your compact beach blanket with you.

4. Mexico

Mexico beach Mexico – on the Yucatan Peninsula you will definitely not experience any loneliness … most of the beaches are so popular that here you will find towel to blanket close side by side. But with our XXL blanket you can enjoy your private place in the sun.

5. Carribean Cruises

Beach in the carribean

Every day a new island and great beaches – would you like to explore them by yourself and lie down on lonely beaches? Therefore, you must always have your super light beach blanket with you.


Vcon22 Beach Blanket is made from High Quality 210T/70D Parachute Nylon.

PROPERTIES: Light weight, Soft, Durable, Water Repellent, Quick Dry, No Overheat in the Sun, and MOST IMPORTANT the Sand will Not Stick to it and Easy to Shake it down. Triple stitching is used to ensure that it will Not Tear Apart.